Hotelogix ties up with Shawman and Alif to provide leading-edge hospitality technology tools to its customers

The hospitality industry is constantly evolving leading to demand of more sophisticated hotel requirements. It’s time to place the PMS beyond the scope of a simple transactional tool. The need of the hour is a strategic shift in the technological deployment of the solution that focuses on myriad systems to track guest charges such as Point of Sale (POS) System, catering, sales, and accounting. Hotelogix is connecting with best-in-class solutions ShawMan POS (ultra) and ALIF Systems (finance and accounting software) that will bring the power of cloud as well as enterprise level solution to Indian hoteliers. This integration will provide hoteliers end-to-end solution to help cater to the evolving needs of hospitality industry along with cloud functionality that gives anytime anywhere access with low cost of ownership. The strategic partnership will offer hotels simplified scalability, better user interface and much more. The integration of diverse third-party solutions into Hotelogix makes the PMS more powerful than ever while enabling hoteliers to make decisions based on inventory, revenues, guest experience and other factors, and to get real time visibility into hotel functioning. Dueto the ease of cloud, hotels can now get access to advance set of reports (such as sales, inventory, profit and loss statements, etc) that can be generated in real time and can be available to all stakeholders. Accounting for the hospitality industry can be complex and cumbersome, and keeping track of all your accounting tasks can be a tedious exercise. The partnership with ALIF will provide comprehensive back office solutions to hoteliers. ALIF Management Services has been widely accepted by the leading hotel groups in India including Taj, Oberoi, Leela, and so on. ALIF provides an integrated product which automates Material Management, financial accounting, payroll and fixed asset management. It also helps hotels get centralized reporting and better control for group hotels. “If you wish to simplify something, then automate it! Financial benchmarks of a hotel and its tracking can get extremely complicated without the requisite systems in place,” marks Prabhash Bhatnagar, Founder, Hotelogix. “The early signs of where your business is headed is the key to Financial planning, and our partnering with ALIF helps us fulfil this need for our Hotel users, beautifully. We are pleased to partner with ALIF Systems, who serve the top hospitality chains in India. They bring in a comprehensive suite of solutions to measure and monitor financial matrices for our customers,” he comments. “With ALIF and Hotelogix partnership, we can now easily penetrate in mid segment groups and individual hotels that have more elaborate needs across the globe,” marks Shabbir Rangwalla, Director, ALIF Management Services. While the Hotelogix-ALIF integration can automate, synchronise and further simplify the accounting processes and procedures of hotel owners, the ShawMan POS (ultra), a cloud-based application will allow a hotel/restaurant to manage its supply chain activities efficiently. This will allow to manage POS from a more intuitive interface and post bills from ShawMan to Hotelogix PMS – it can be a direct settlement, transfer to room or a city ledger bill. From receiving to tracking food and beverage items to consumption, it can manage all major functions efficiently. The integration will also give ‘quick table reservation’ with dine in view of all the tables and their current status. Not only this, queue management will highlight the tables which are being waited on and transactions which are in process. “Hotelogix has an exceptional cloud service PMS offering for both independent and chain hotels (large/ small) which allow the hotel owner to leverage the Internet to reach out to prospective customers and offer them fine services and then smartly manage the data for future business,” says Jimmy P Shaw, Managing Director, ShawMan Software. “It therefore only made logical sense for ShawMan and Hotelogix to come together and offer hotels a seamless and complete software solution, allowing each one to focus and improve its own side of offering,” he comments. The pricing is subscription based that will take away the pain of investing heavily in capital intensive complex hotel systems and then managing them at astronomical recurring costs. “To offer the best services for our hoteliers, we connect with the best brands! Be it revenue management, analytics, back-office, accounts, or a full-service POS, Hotelogix depends on the experts who offer the best in their league. ShawMan is just that, a leading POS provider that is widely used by some of the best names in the hospitality industry,” says Prabhash. “We are pleased to announce our partnership with ShawMan, who serves this industry with its robust technology and unrivalled market knowledge for POS business. By partnering with ShawMan, we enhance our value preposition with this potent combination that will be an advantage for both the companies, and especially our customers.” ShawMan is a reputed software house specializing in providing software solutions to meet the operation requirements of the hospitality market. It is a leader in F&B systems and has also launched its cloud hosted POS and Material Management Systems Ultra range of systems to cater to growing customer base

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