CEO and Country Head unveil the success mantra of Newby Teas (India) Pvt. Ltd

Bhaskar Singha, CEO, and Aman Dewan, countryhead of Newby Teas (India) Pvt. Ltd, capture the essentials of why the company dominates the industry.

Newby Teas (India) Pvt. Ltd, CEO, Country Head, Newby Teas

What are the USPs that set Newby India apart from others in the industry?

Bhaskar Singha: By painstakingly sourcing, blending, preserving and serving the world’s finest teas, Newby, through all its years in the industry, guarantees that its products have integrity. Not only do we set the bar for tea’s luxury standard, but our teas also speak volumes about the lost art of truly understanding and appreciating the well-loved drink.

Selecting the best leaves from prime harvest seasons, Newby’s dedicated tea tasters trial thousands of cups before selecting bespoke blends. These highgrade teas are then preserved at stateof-the-art centre in India’s finest teagrowing region. Meticulously packed using tech-materials and transported carefully to tea lovers all over the world, Newby Teas are renowned for their uncompromising flavours that mirror the character of their source. This dedication to quality has earned the company numerous awards, from taste to packaging design.

Aman Dewan: Adhering to a meticulous process, some of the key USPs of Newby products are:

1. To maintain the product quality, only prime quality season tea leaves are used by the company.

2. No teas are bought from ETP suspended estates.

3. The brand follows stringent food safety control standards, manufacturing FSSAI and EU compliant products. There’s a stringent checking process in place for teas coming in from China and other parts of the world.

4. Periodical microbial checks are undertaken for the product, the manufacturing facility and the air.

5. We ensure the use of best available protective packaging material:
a. Aluminium: Provides barrier against UV light, which is detrimental to quality and shelflife of the teas.
b. PE: Provides best barrier against oxygen and moisture cross contamination, which is detrimental to the quality and the shelflife of the teas.
c. We make sure that all primary packing materials are food grade compliant.

6. Some of the key highlights of the packaging material are:
a. Standard tea bag
i. The filter paper are non-heat sealed paper that contain no plastic and therefore, they are recyclable / biodegradable.
ii. Staple-less tea bags ensure that the product for consumption is safe and not contaminated.
iii. The use of knotted technology helps us avoid the use of glue to hold the thread, tag and bag together.
iv. Envelop material used: Paper + Aluminium (bonded with extrusion technology, therefore no glue).

b. Pyramid silken bag
i. Filter Paper is made out of cornstarch and is biodegradable.
ii. Tag and thread are heat-sealed and hence there is no use of glue.
iii. Envelope material is made out of Aluminium+ PE.

c. Loose teas: Packed in multiple layer Aluminum and PE packaging.

7. At the point of receipt, the teas are assigned a PIN number for traceability. Tea sacks are carefully overwrapped for extra protection. Fresh, “landed” samples are drawn and re-tested against the pre-shipment samples for quality.

8. Hand-blended options are made and comparative tasting done, with samples sent for approval to London. After its sensory approval, each is sent to a certified lab to check it complies with the EU’s MRL (Maximum Residue Level) and India’s FSSAI (Food Safety & Standards Authority) rules.

What are some of the new flavours and kinds of tea added to the list of offerings by the company?

Bhaskar Singha: At any given point of time, our R&D team is working on more than 30 to 50 new kinds of blends. In the herbal and fruit infusion segment we have a huge selection, from the lemony tasting Elderflower Lemon to the Strawberry Mango infusion.

Aman Dewan: We are undertaking trials of teas made from popular kitchen herbs like turmeric, Tulsi, etc, which are known for their therapeutic advantages. The Butterfly Pea Blue tea—also known as Aparajita flower—makes for an indigo blue drink.

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