Inbound improves 16.4% in January 2010

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India is back in tourism demand with a 16.4% increase in foreign tourist arrivals in January 2010. According to the latest figures released by the tourism ministry, FTAs for last month were 4.91 lakh as compared to FTAs of 4.22 lakh for January 2009. The FTA high of 5.12 lakh in January 2008 however remained out of reach.

This translates to a growth of 16.4% in January 2010 over the same month last year as compared to a negative growth of 17.6% registered in January 2009 over the corresponding 2008 period.

To a large extent, the trend of substantial growth in FTAs observed during December, 2009 (21%) continued this year.

Foreign Exchange Earnings from tourism too were up. FEE for last month were Rs5,593 crore as compared to Rs4,598 crore in January 2009 and Rs5,438 crore in January 2008. This is an increase of 21.6% as compared to the dip of 15.4% in January 2009 over January 2008.

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