ITC Hotels celebrates World Tourism Day

ITC Hotels celebrates World Tourism Day Main article: To commemorate World Tourism Day, ITC Hotels  curated a series of immersive ‘Responsible Luxury’ experiences for guests at its hotels on 27th September, 2017. Commenting on the occasion, Nakul Anand, executive director, ITC Ltd said, “We are pleased to honour UN World Trade Organisation’s (UNWTO) chosen theme of Sustainable Tourism as it exemplifies ITC Hotels’ journey with ‘Responsible Luxury’ as its credo. Our business is committed to deliver luxury experiences in a responsible manner in keeping with the company’s objectives to create larger value for the nation in a sustainable and inclusive manner.”

The UNWTO 2017 theme of ‘Sustainable Tourism’ – pillared on the dimensions of economic, social, environment, culture and peace – underscores ITC Hotels’ ethos of ‘Responsible Luxury’  that transcends the limited boundaries of going green to include  practices  and  experiences  that  showcase  luxury  with a deeper commitment to the nation and society.

Experiences that demonstrate ‘Responsible Luxury’ and its impact over a larger stakeholder group were showcased to guests on the occasion. These included destination discoveries through guided exploration of the hotels featuring indigenous architecture, art, local traditions and rituals. Culinary journeys that emphasise regional cuisine experiences, a ‘farm to plate’ approach and holistic well-being initiatives, were also part of it.

At  ITC  Hotels  ‘Responsible Luxury’ is manifest in a collection of hotels that mirror the ethos and culture of the destination; through culinary experiences like Bukhara, Dum Pukht, Royal Vega that abet India’s dominance on the global culinaryscape and  initiatives like ‘SûnyaAqua’-Zero km water, Local Love, Kitchens of India series – showcasing the lesser known culinary  legacy  of  the  nation; through Well-being initiatives like Kaya Kalp-the  spa  brand,  initiative  on  the science of ‘Sleeep’ and Swasthya cuisine;  through social initiatives like engaging with local communities towards providing gainful employment that demonstrates a commitment towards nation  building,  coupled  with  a  commitment to operate according to the highest principles of environmental stewardship.

Celebrated in line with the United Nations General Assembly proclamation of 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, 27th September is dedicated to exploring the contribution of tourism to the Sustainable Development Goals.

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