ITC to participate in Earth Hour

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Earth Hour, a historic and path-breaking climate change initiative, was launched by the World Wild Fund for Nature, in Sydney on March, 31, 2007. It began in a small way where 2 million enlightened people and 2000 business houses recognising the importance of the cause, decided to join in. This modest beginning made enough of an impact, to bring in the participation of many, many more in the following year.

In March 2008, Earth Hour brought in the participation of 50 million people, located in 35 countries and spread across 7 continents including far off Antarctica. In 2009 this expanded to include over 4000 cities across 88 countries, including India and in 2010 participation exceeded 4500 cities in over 120 countries.

With India once again a part of this important climate change initiative this year, 40 cities in India are formally participating in this event this year which will take place on Saturday, 26th, March, 2011. At last count, 126 countries have pledged their participation with new countries such as Swaziland, Jamaica, Palestine and Honduras joining the movement this year. It is expected that more than a billion people from 6000 supporting cities, towns and councils worldwide, will together turn off their lights for just one hour – between 8.30 p.m. and 9.30 p.m.

ITC Sonar will lower the levels of illumination and dim the lighting at the lobby between 8.30pm to 9.30pm – local time 26th March. Signature restaurants Dum Pukht, West View and Eden Pavilion will be serving "candle-light" dinner, which offers another unique way for participation while enjoying the spirit and subtle ambience of the evening. The resident guests are also encouraged to participate by requesting presence in the lobby or any of the restaurants during the designated hour or using the minimum amount of lighting in their respective room.

In addition to raising social awareness further, a symbolic green corner will be created with vegetation and an animated clip will be playing across the hotel in all guest rooms to highlight the issue of climate change and individual responsibility towards Mother Earth. At ITC Sonar, there will be posters in the public areas, messages on public area function boards, badges worn by the hotel staff all encouraging guests to leave their rooms and turn off lights for that one hour. All safety equipment and emergency lights will remain functional, but all non-essential lighting will either be switched off or dimmed.

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