Power List 2018
Satyen Jain
Powerlist 2018 - Satyen Jain

Satyen Jain

Director , The Pride Group of Hotels
Being a truly Indian brand, people have taken pride in associating with us. It is the Indianness that sets us apart. We plan to expand to 3,000 rooms by 2020.”

As Director, The Pride Group of Hotels, he is passionate about building and empowering teams to drive product innovation. Overseeing the implementation of the ongoing projects and a keenness to apply International standards in F&B, Hi-tech Connectivity, room facilities, soft furnishings and hardware at The Pride Hotel sites, Satyen Jain has enabled the brand to grow from strength to strength.

On an aggressive growth mode, Jain states unabashedly, “I want to position The Pride Hotels as one of the leading Indian hospitality companies in India with a view to manage mid-market and upscale hotels and resorts. The emphasis is on setting up a service culture to impart excellence in all spheres of guest interaction and surpass guest expectations.”

Indeed, The Pride Group of Hotels has embarked on this path with the four brands through which it operates — Pride Plaza, Pride Hotels, Pride Resorts and Pride Biznotel. Jain avers, “The USP of 'Brand Pride' lies in offering great services with an Indian touch. It has a full range of services, excellent locations in prime business districts within close vicinity of airports and railway stations. We will be focusing more on our Indian theme concept, as we feel that is unique to our brand in a market crowded by international brands.”

Having a finger on the pulse of what a customer wants and needs, according to him, is imperative. Explains Jain, “We monitor customer reviews to identify a hotel's strengths and weaknesses. A deep analysis is conducted of all guest requests and suggestions and we make sure we can offer what is expected by customers. We work with experienced consultants to make world-class products with an Indian touch.”

It is their Indianness that sets them apart. Jain adds, “Being a truly Indian brand, people have taken pride in associating with us. We provide an Indian welcome, regional food, Indian instrumental music in the lobby and a homely environment which is appreciated by our guests. Personalised service with an Indian touch has helped The Pride a large base of loyal customers.”

On an expansion mode, Jain has a clear-cut strategy chalked out. “After setting up the hotel in key gateway cities we are now growing to tier-2 and tier-3 cites through management hotels. We have been consciously working on increasing our resort offerings to maintain a healthy mix of business and leisure,” he informs. He adds, “We have a plan to expand to 3,000 rooms by 2020.”

Analysing the hospitality industry, he says, “The Indian economy is now growing and the hospitality industry has seen a positive cycle in the current financial year. We expect this trend to improve.”

A team player, Jain strongly believes in empowerment and delegation. He elaborates, “I delegate a lot of work to my team which helps me manage my work. It is important to keep a healthy balance of work, family and self-time. I make sure to take out time for my family, especially over weekends. I follow my passion for running and participate in marathons from time to time.”


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