Power List 2019
Souvagya Mohapatra
Power List 2019- Souvagya Mohapatra

Souvagya Mohapatra

Executive Director, MAYFAIR Hotels and Resorts
Mohapatra mines the cultural heart of eastern and North-eastern India and wraps them in luxurious experiences.

In the oft-neglected eastern and north-eastern parts of the country, Mayfair has established one of the finest hospitality brands of India. The hotel group, which began the journey with one property outside Rourkela, today has several world class hotels located in eight destinations, spanning four states. And the man behind this heady achievement is veteran hotelier Souvagya Mohapatra. He is also the executive committee member of Federation of Hotels & Restaurant Association of India (FHRAI)  and managing committee member of Hotel & Restaurant Association of Eastern India (HRAEI). Besides, he has been elected to the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) co-chair for tourism subcommittee for the year 2019-20.

For his properties, Mohapatra mines the cultural and ethnic heart of eastern and north-eastern parts of India and wraps them in luxurious experiences. The architecture of his beautiful hotels combines colonial flourishes with local accents. The Mayfair hotels are also a base from which people can explore the less-travelled-to destinations, located as they are in captivating settings like mystical mountains, tranquil beaches and vibrant cities. While most of Mayfair properties are located in Odisha and parts of West Bengal and Chattisgarh, the group has also ventured into Goa.

Mohapatra constantly ensures upgradation and innovation, launching initiatives to improve operational efficiency. “We are very open to adapt to new technologies, gadgets, software and processes. We keep a keen eye on new destinations that can be nurtured and developed.” Among Mayfair’s up and coming properties is one at the foothills of the northeast, on the outskirts of Siliguri with a room inventory of 100. Another 5-star deluxe 252-keys property is underway at Kolkata, which will commence operations by early 2021. As an active member of Odisha State Tourism Promotion Council, Mohapatra has helped promote the state as a destination, even taking on greening efforts after the devastating cyclone. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, in fact, recently launched a new golf Resort of Mayfair Hotels, to be built at the cost of INR 125 crore at Satapada in Puri district.

Mayfair aims to become an established national chain in the coming years. “We are not looking at any tie-up with international hotel chains. Our sales strategy is in place. Currently, we are focused on markets in eastern India but are looking to tap the potential of Tier-II cities,” he said.


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