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Power list 2019
Sep 13 2019

The Stalwarts who scored big this year

Excellence is a journey; it is a constant striving for perfection, for achieving the best results. There is no dearth of amazing hoteliers or good leaders in the hospitality industry. But just a few attempt to take risks and achieve results beyond the ordinary, sometimes by innovating and at the other times by the sheer force of their ambition. For Hotelier India’s annual Power List 2019, we drew up a list that encompasses several levels of the hospitality industry — from owners to senior management, who have made immense contribution to not just their brands, but to the industry at large. Whether it is making forays into difficult markets across India or opening hotels with a difference, or even bringing in new systems and processes, or offering sage advice and analysis to the industry, each is an achiever in her or his own right. We also have a few new entrants to the list this year. Just by the force of their gumption, forward-thinking and innovative strategizing, they inspire a whole new generation of hoteliers.

Power List 2019 - Zaid Sadiq
Executive Director – Liaison & Hospitality
Power List 2019- Vivek Bhalla
Regional VP – South West Asia
Power List 2019 - Vikram Oberoi
Power List 2019 - Vijay Thacker
Power List 2019 - Sunjae Sharma
VP – Operations
Power List 2019- Souvagya Mohapatra
Executive Director
Power List 2019 - Satyen Jain
Power List 2019 - Sanjay Sethi
Power List 2019 - Rattan Keswani
Dy. Managing Director
Power List 2019 - Ranjit Batra
President – Hospitality
Power List 2019 - Neel Raheja
Group President
Power List 2019 - Nakul Anand
Executive Director
Power List 2019 - Navjit Ahluwalia
Country head and Sr. VP
Power List 2019 - Manav Thadani
Founder Chairman
Power List 2019 - Kb Kachru
Chairman Emeritus
Power List 2019 -Dr Jyotsna Suri
Chairperson & MD
Power List 2019 - Jitu Virwani
Chairman & MD
Power List 2019 - Jean-Michel Cassé
COO – India and South Asia
Power List 2019 - Rajiv Kaul
Power List 2019 - Rahul Chaudhary
Executive Director
Power List 2019 - Puneet Chhatwal
Power List 2019 - Priya Paul
Power List 2019 - Patanjali Keswani
Chairman & MD
Power List 2019 - Nirupa Shankar
Power List 2019 - Neeraj Govil
Senior VP – South Asia
Power List 2019- Dilip Puri
Power List 2019 - Dr Ankur Bhatia
Executive Director
Power List 2019 - Amit Bhosale
Managing Director
Power List 2019 - Ajay Bakaya
Managing Director
Power List 2019 - P.R.S. Oberoi
Executive Chairman

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