Mikasa unveils new collection of real wood flooring


Mikasa, from Greenlam Industries, has unveiled its latest collection for 2017. Made for the Indian market, this flooring range infuses the natural elegance of real wood and is crafted using the latest European technology at its state-of-the-art plant. Every Mikasa creation comes with a warranty of up to 30 years and the new collection captures the latest flooring trends as well as varied consumer choices.

The colour palette is a combination of blonde wood floors, like Oak Crème, Oak Stockholm, Oak London and Oak that make spaces look big and bright, and pairs well with trendy paint and bold wallpaper. Oak Choco, Oak Fume, Oak Noir and Oak Amber offer the deep, dark elegance of espresso-coloured flooring that some hotel brands prefer.

The new collection with its wider planks have the advantage of creating a more unified look, with fewer joint lines, which also highlights the inherent aesthetic of the wood, that is to say the knots and grain. The sizes vary from 2420 mm length plants to 1200 mm length and the width varies from 210mm wide planks to 120mm wide ones spread across 1-strip, 2-strip and 3-strip variants.

The satin finish has a sleek and shiny look, considered to be the safest choice for long-lasting floors. The rusticity of matte-finished wood floors is much sought-after now. Mikasa captures both finishes across all its three categories of 15mm, 13mm and 10mm flooring.

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