Mumbai-based Varun Inamdar eyes Guinness record

Celebrity chef Varun Inamdar is aiming to enter the Guinness World Record for the Largest Chocolate Mud Pie lead by targeting to create a dessert that will weigh 1 tonne, with the pie diameter over 6 feet.

Inamdar will attempt his feat during the 15th India Hospitality International Expo 2018 at Goa. About a dozen executive chefs from 5-star hotels with their culinary team, fine dine restaurants in Goa and students of Goa’s university have agreed to assist Chocolatier and Chef Varun Inamdar in his effort.

Over 2000 pounds of ingredients by weight would go into making the world’s largest chocolate mud pie, including about 300 kgs of sponge, 255 kgs of refined flour, 200 kgs of dark chocolate and chips, over 105 kgs of salted butter and 100 kgs sugar. Apart from these, over 200 eggs, 60 kgs of cherries, 50 kgs cashewnuts, 30 kgs of fresh cream, 12 kgs of biscuits and 5 kgs mint leaves, besides other ingredients, will be used.

Chef Varun has designed a specially fabricated vessel and oven after several rounds of trials and errors over the last 18 months measuring 8-feet in diameter along with a 12-feet oven 12 feet long for baking this dessert.

Chef Inamdar is the Ambassador of Ecuadorian Cocoa and had created India’s first 6-feet tall, life-size edible chocolate mannequin and chocolate Ganesha statue on television. His show ‘The Bombay Chef’ has crossed 240+ million views globally, making him the third most popular chef on the Internet.

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