Agnieszka Rozenska joins The Hong Kong Club, Andaz Delhi as head bartender

Popularly known as Agni, to her family and colleagues, she has traversed the globe, working with several cafes and bars honing her skills as a wizard behind the bar

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Agnieszka Rozenska has taken over the stunning island bar at The Hong Kong Club, Andaz Delhi as the Head Bartender. 

Agni’s career span has taken her to brands like Hilton, Brama Jazz Café, and Octans - The Spirited Bar, Andaz Amsterdam and most recently Grand Hyatt Mumbai. Passionate about discovering new cultures, flavours, people and destinations, Agni has hopped around Europe – from Poland to The Netherlands, Luxembourg amongst other countries. All the while, her journeys and experiences have brought her back to one thing – her love for cocktails and mixing magic behind the bar.

Agni is a master of balance and technique when making the perfect cocktail, and considers research, and developing new cocktails and quality control an essential part of her job. She likes playing with local flavours and spirits, and makes sure to involve her local bar teams in the mixology process.

“The art of mixology showcasing locally sourced seasonal ingredients is here to stay as it allows bartenders to bring their personality to life through fresh and local ingredients with compelling stories” Says Agni.

She believes that one can explore oneself and the various facets of one’s identity defines by discovering other people and the world. Armed with an infectious, outgoing personality Agni loves socializing, meeting and connecting with her customers whilst preparing her cocktails. This talkative bartender rejuvenates herself by escaping on silent meditation retreats multiple times a year & is an advocate for this type of self-preservation.

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