Park Hyatt Hyderabad appoints Chef Marcello Tortora as chef de cuisine for its Italian restaurant Tre Forni

Chef Marcello's culinary career spans over a decade, and he has had multiple stints with Michelin-starred restaurants

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Chef Marcello Tortora joins Park Hyatt Hyderabad as Chef De Cuisine in Tre Forni, the hotel’s specialty Italian restaurant. He has worked extensively in creating unique dining concepts and dishes for celebrities, world over. Marcello set-up and opened three restaurant cum bars at the beautiful Zuri Zanzibar in Tanzania. He designed the kitchen layout and was in charge of training over 70 team members to take charge of operations upon his leave.

He believes in three important aspects when it comes to food. Balance - between following traditions and constantly innovating, Passion - without which he believes one cannot stay true to this profession, and Adaptability - in order to stay flexible to please the unique tastes of each guest catered to.

His inspiration towards the culinary arts roots from his family and his culinary mentors. Having grown up in a large family, and witnessing the heart and soul his grandmother used to pour into cooking, instilled in him a sense of indefinite passion. His mentors saw in him this passion, and granted him opportunities to realize his goals.

What he considers to be the most essential for the success of any restaurant is the coordination between the team of chefs and the service staff. He has been able to streamline the processes in Tre Forni in such a way that this coordination is smooth and efficient.

Being an avid traveler and having been to over 50 countries, Marcello brings in subtle inspirations that he has received from around the world, all under one roof – in Tre Forni, Park Hyatt Hyderabad.

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