For India and China, 2020 is the ‘Visit Malaysia’ year!

Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad launched the ‘Visit Malaysia 2020’ (VMY2020) with the theme ‘Visit Truly Asia Malaysia 2020’

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For a country rich in culture and natural wonders as Malaysia, tourism can certainly be a great economic pillar. To improve tourism sustainability, promote Malaysia’s arts and culture, and experience Malaysian hospitality first-hand, Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad launched the ‘Visit Malaysia 2020’ (VMY2020) with the theme ‘Visit Truly Asia Malaysia 2020’.

The prime minister said that the VMY2020 should be treated as a national mission with the intention of attracting international tourists; the government is targeting to achieve 30 million international tourists. The Malaysian government thus has gazetted two orders permitting a 15-day visa exemption for tourists, particularly from China and India in conjunction with VMY2020.

Throughout 2020, tourists from China and India will be able to enter Malaysia for up to 15 days by using the electronic travel registration and information system ― either individually or through travel agencies in their respective countries. Once registered, the tourists must travel to Malaysia within three months. The 15-day visa-free period cannot be extended. Entrance and exit from Malaysia would have to be through authorised airports or through the immigration control posts.

Tourism Malaysia is now looking at a 7% increases in tourist arrivals from China and India post this announcement. Musa Yusof, Director-General of Tourism Malaysia has said, “The period of January to September in 2019, the country recorded 2.41 million tourists from China and 539,167 tourists from India. About 3.26 million Chinese tourists and 683,000 Indian tourists are expected to visit Malaysia this year.”

Global parameters
International tourist arrivals grew by a further 4% between January and September of 2019, the latest issue of the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer indicates. Tourism’s growth continues to outpace global economic growth, bearing witness to its huge potential to deliver development opportunities across the world but also its sustainability challenges. Generating USD 1.7 trillion in revenues as of 2018, international tourism remains the third largest export category behind fuels (USD 2.4 trillion) and chemicals (USD 2.2 trillion). Within advanced economies, tourism’s remarkable performance after years of sustained growth has narrowed the gap with automotive product exports.

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