Pick of the month: PALLADIO RANGE

The Palladio range of glass mosaics allows the designer a first-of-its-kind palette of colours and textures, creating stunning visual effects covering most hospitality needs.

It allows designers to create glass architecture irrespective of whether at outdoor places like lawns and gardens, swimming pools, commercial places, and hotels, or indoors like hotel lobbies, restaurants, coffee shops, bathrooms, kitchens, discotheques, and spa rooms.

Suitable for the decoration of wall surfaces and floors of bathrooms, the product allows designers to explore and give an imaginative touch to their creations.

The 2 x 2 centimetre glass mosaics are light weight, can be easily fixed on any surface, and are maintenance free, in addition to being waterproof, acid proof, and fireproof. They retain their attributes for many years even under harsh weather conditions.

Contact: Amit Juvekar
Tel: +91 79 4000 6000
Fax: +91 79 4000 6200
Email: enquiry@palladio.in 
Website: www.palladio.in

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