Power List 2017, Souvagya K Mohapatra, Executive director, Mayfair Hotels & Resorts

Souvagya Mohapatra can best be described as a man on a mission – and his mission is to make Mayfair Hotels & Resorts the leading hospitality brand in Eastern India. And he is well on his way to achieve it.
Aligning with the state government, he was instrumental in Mayfair’s tie-up with Odisha Tourism Board, where the company was the state’s hospitality partners for several programmes. It was also invited by the department to represent the hospitality sector in the state during international travel fairs, and partnered with Odisha Tourism to welcome tour operators, mediapeople and other stakeholders to the state for an experiential.
Realising that technology can be a game-changer, Mohapatra revealed that the company continually invests in updating its systems to stay in sync with the latest developments and adopts innovative business practices. “We have the latest software for our reservation, procurement, supply chain management and reputation management systems,” he said. “Besides, we are using advanced PMS software to keep our operations streamlined. Right now, we are working on our HRM package to further strengthen our human asset activities.”
Last year, the company undertook many initiatives to improve its operational efficiency. Besides overhauling its HR system and introducing numerous people management practices, it also strengthened its capacity to execute MICE events on a larger scale.
“We made our guest relations more responsive by introducing various reputation management tools and organised training programmes to upgrade our personnel’s skills to keep pace with industry standards. We also hope our newly completed property at Kalimpong will soon be operational,” he added.
Of course, it helped that most of Mayfair’s business associates – whether tour operators, corporates or suppliers – are well conversant with the brand’s principles and try to uphold these standards while delivering goods and services. “We have maintained a cordial relation with these associates and have nurtured our relationship with them through continuous engagement programmes. This means that they work as our brand ambassadors,” Mohapatra said.
Mayfair has realised that well-travelled guests often want differentiated services irrespective of the hotel segment they check into. Striving to customise services to address the needs of its guests, it has developed unique capabilities – be it in the room décor, food and offering or spa services provided. “We have pioneered the practice of imbibing local flavours and cultural essence in our products and services,” Mohapatra added proudly.
At present, the brand has concentrated its focus in the eastern region and is in the process of adding hotels at Kolkata and Siliguri. “Apart from building new properties, we strive to utilise our capacity fully by streamlining our operational processes and consistent value addition. We have also enhanced our MICE capabilities by adding new facilities in our existing hotels and shall continue to do so,” he added.
A 5-star project is under construction at Naya Raipur (Chhattisgarh) and Mohapatra said that Mayfair would further foray into the tier-2 and -3 cities after analysing the market conditions and the operational feasibility of doing business model in those cities.
“Presently, all our hotels cater to the upmarket segment, but we have in-depth understanding of the preferences of the new-age customers, the pattern of their shifting choices and their unique needs in tune with changing cultural sensibilities. As we continue to stay updated with best practices and adopt innovation, we are optimistic that we will maintain our competitive edge and win new customers in the mid-range segment too,” he confidently proclaimed.
By Vinita Bhatia

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