Power List 2018: Manav Thadani, Founder Chairman, Hotelivate

To be a great manager you also need to be a great leader. In his current role as Founder Chairman, Hotelivate, Manav Thadani combines both qualities effortlessly.

Hotelivate is a step towards achieving his vision to provide end-to-end solutions to the hospitality sector, with an eye on curating customised results that can assist the stakeholders throughout the life-cycle of a hotel. Forever looking to forge ahead, Thadani confesses, “I have always been willing to try out new business ideas that have the potential to scale up. By adding four new partners, we have enhanced the creativity quotient of our existing team. We are eager to expand across the region through the growth of our services such as Asset Management and Revenue Management.”

Currently on an accelerated growth path, Thadani is foraying into new areas. He elaborates, “As part of our investment advisory business, we are looking to get into the leasing space more aggressively than before, as it appears to be the new buzzword for brand expansion, at least for the local hotel chains.”

Though no stranger to success, Thadani considers himself to be a life-long learner. “I read and keep an open mind when it comes to the changes happening around me. The best advice I can offer is to surround yourself with good and smart
people. In my partners at Hotelivate, I have the perfect balance,” he informs us.

A long-time trusted advisor to many, he quips matter-of-factly, “I have brought and will continue to bring transparency, good quality data based on research, and an independent mind that speaks up when it matters to a project. When we started, I literally had to educate the audience on what it meant to value hotels and showcase how valuable good quality research was. Today, our data and insights are relied upon by our clients and the industry at large.” Reminiscing about his career he says, “HICSA and other conferences give me a high. Getting four global CEOs of Marriott, Hyatt, Starwood and Hilton on the same HICSA platform four years ago was one such moment.”

Dynamic and daring, he never steps back when it comes to taking risks. He admits, “Leaving the previous company was perhaps one of my biggest gambles — both in terms of walking away from a brand that I had created from scratch, and the fact that all 42 employees followed suit. Nine months into it and I can say that the gamble has paid off.

“Our vision is to continue being proactively progressive, offering services that really add value to our clients and to open up offices in regions where we find the right partnership and alliance to grow globally.”

To balance his hectic work schedules, he spends time with his family. On weekends, a round of golf and learning how to play bridge, which intellectually stimulates him, helps him relax.

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