Power List 2018: Nakul Anand, Executive Director, ITC Ltd

A hospitality leader with decades of experience, Nakul Anand, Executive Director, ITC Ltd, maintains a positive outlook, works hard and leads by example. A team player, he gives full credit to his team who enable him to achieve results.

From product design to room configuration and interiors, every aspect of ITC’s hotels are conceptualised and built around the diverse and evolving needs of their guests. Anand explains “We ensure that we stay relevant and contemporary in our offerings.”

Innovation, guest orientation, globally benchmarked products and service excellence steeped in Indian-ness and based on a commitment to Responsible Luxury, form the cornerstones of ITC Hotel’s value proposition. ITC Hotels have redefined luxury; for them, it takes on a deeper meaning. It denotes more meaningful roots that commit to benefit all stakeholders that are impacted by the product, experiences and services enabled at ITC Hotels.

Reminisces Anand, “We were at an inflection point, pressed to make a choice between sustainability and luxury as the way
forward. Deliberations led us to the conclusion that choosing either/ or wasn’t an option. Sustainable practices must be embedded in our business philosophy. It is fundamental to ITC’s triple-line commitment pillared on building economic, social and environmental capital.”

Always striving to stay a step ahead, he informs, “Adapting ‘Responsible Luxury’ in an industry where it is seemingly incongruent for the two concepts to co-exist and demonstrating its success on a global platform has helped raise the bar for our industry and also given it global recognition as a path-breaking initiative from India. Today, Responsible Luxury is a case study emphasised on at Harvard Business Publishing."

Talking about the company’s growth plans, Anand reiterates, “Since we are focussed on organic growth, our approach ensures that we create opportunities for travellers to visit these destinations and experience world-class hospitality. “In most cases, we have created a pull for that destination by instituting an ITC Hotel,” Anand quips. 

A consolidated portfolio of brands catering to diverse segments of the market mix has been ITC Hotel’s focus and they continue to be committed to their expansion plans in the hospitality sector. He reveals, “On the anvil are two new ITC luxury
hotels (ITC Royal Bengal-Kolkata and ITC Narmada-Ahmedabad) which will lend fillip to our endeavours to enhance India’s appesal as both a luxury business and leisure destination.”

The vision to promote India’s rich and diverse cultural heritage has driven ITC Hotels’ philosophy and Anand continues to take that forward. He shares his guiding principle as advice for others, “My response has two words; Attitude and discipline. I can trace my journey and its learnings on the foundation of these two words. Interestingly, each of these words numerically add up to the number 100. To me, these two words form the bedrock of 100%.”

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