Power list 2018: Neeraj Govil, Area VP – South Asia, Marriott International Inc

For someone who has spent over 20 years in the industry, Govil is passionate about delivering on the company’s promise of helping build a stronger business and maintaining their longstanding culture of deep customer centricity.

Post Marriott International’s acquisition of Starwood, by the virute of which it became the world’s largest hospitality chain, in India too the merger brought significant brand portfolio strengths across categories – luxury, premium and select service tiers.

An upbeat Govil informs, “This geographic distribution gave us tremendous leverage over our competitors in India. 2017-18 has seen us go through a massive integration exercise. Today, Marriott is the world’s largest hospitality company, offering the industry’s most powerful global distribution system, a leading frequent-traveller program, and innovative global sales and marketing strategies. With more than 6,700 properties globally and the broadest portfolio of brands in the industry, Marriott defines success as constantly moving forward. We expect to open more than 50 hotels in India raising our inventory to more than 30,000 rooms.”

Govil exemplifies the company’s commitment to people. He explains, “Our most powerful advantage is our culture — a deep commitment to people, treating each other with dignity and respect, offering everyone opportunities for learning and growth. In the words of Mr. J W Marriott, ‘When we take care of our associates, they take care of our guests and the business will take care of itself’. This philosophy is the most profound and yet, such an effortless way to understand the secret of our business success at Marriott.”

Govil is a proven leader and has held a variety of leadership positons globally. With deep expertise in developing strong client relationships, astute financial acumen, a passion for building outstanding teams and a disciplined focus on
operations and execution, Govil is creating and executing a strategic road map for effectively expanding the market share of the Marriott portfolio in South Asia.

Emphasising the brand differentiation that Marriott brings, Govil quips, “Each of our brands have a distinct personality and a unique DNA as it caters to a certain psychographic and lifestyle. We currently have 15 of our 30 brands in India and would like to be the developers’ choice with our bouquet of distinct and compelling brands that are differentiated from a lifestyle perspective and their respective brand elements. Every consumer need is adequately catered to without compromise in the high-quality pursuit of service by us. We believe we have a competitive edge by offering a choice of brands that suits the current demand of the evolving customer.

“We are in the business of creating memorable travel experiences, be it work related or leisure. Our services focus on going beyond, paying attention to every detail for a truly, personalised hospitality experience,” reaffirms Govil.
Unfazed by contingencies, Govil prefers to remain calm and think ahead.

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