Power List 2018: Rahul Chaudhary, Executive Director, CG Corp Global and CG Hotels & Resorts

At the helm of CG Hotels & Resorts, the hospitality wing of CG Corp Global, Rahul Chaudhary has helped the company grow from strength to strength, right since 2006 when he joined the group.

Recalls Chaudhary, “We were a group with just about 10 hotels. Today, we are a group with 95 hotels in 70 destinations, 12 countries and 5,714 keys. By 2020, we will be 150 hotels in 97 destinations, 15 countries and 10,000+ keys (based on current signed and active deals). We have spread ourselves across all segments in the hospitality space and various regions of the globe, and that has given us the bandwidth to be able to tap assets from New York City to China.”

Endowed with business acumen and a sharp mind, his forte lies in forging strategic alliances in established as well as emerging markets that assist in the growth and development of the company. Small wonder then, that CG Hotels and Resorts have a proud history of successful joint ventures in the hospitality sector with esteemed partners and owns some of the most iconic assets globally, with leading hospitality brands for over two decades.

According to him, their ability to identify the right opportunity at the right time is their USP. Chaudhary explains, “Our foray into the hospitality space began almost two decades ago through our partnership with the Tata Group/IHCL in their assets in Colombo (Taj Samudra) and Maldives (Taj Exotica Resort & Spa and Vivanta Coral Reef). This was a time during the upheaval in the region and even the Sri Lankans and Maldivians weren’t willing to invest in these assets. We saw the opportunity and growth potential and took the plunge. Now, these are some of the most iconic assets in the region, if not the world.” Quick to spot a business opportunity, he advises others too, saying, “Opportunities come to all in different forms. If you are able to capitalise on the right one at the right time, the sky is the limit.”

Sharing the company’s future plans, Chaudhary reveals, “We are in the process of starting an India- focused distressed assets funds, targeting the mid-market space as we see the most opportunity here. The fund should be live by early next year. Apart from this, we also have our four world-class safari lodges in Madhya Pradesh through our JV in Taj Safaris. We intend to grow in this space across other lucrative destinations across India. Alila has also seen growth of their brand by introducing their newest asset in Jaipur. We are also embarking on a path to roll out our Zinc Journey branded assets in Rajasthan.”
Upbeat about the growth journey they have embarked upon, Chaudhary says, “Through various initiatives, we are targeting 200 hotels by 2020 within CG Hospitality Holding’s Portfolio.” In his relentless pursuit of excellence, he draws inspiration constantly from his father, Binod Chaudhary, a simple and hardworking man.

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