Power List 2018: Anshu Sarin, CEO, Berggruen Hotels

Sarin strongly believes in reinventing herself. That is what sets her apart as a hospitality leader.

Explains Sarin, “A brand in any industry is perpetually faced with the challenge of staying relevant. At Keys, we frequently stand back and realign ourselves from the consumer’s perspective to gauge their point of view. It is imperative that we keep a close eye on how today’s guest would respond to different options on the multitude of channels available to them for making a purchase decision.” Keys Hotels operates under its parent chain of Berggruen Hotels.

Her eyes are firmly trained on the mid-market segment, as always. She elaborates, “We continue to focus on the mid-market category as it holds immense promise for the brand considering the widening gap between supply and demand predicted for the next few years. The rise of travellers opting to stay in affordable and value-for-money hotels over luxury hotels also contributes to the strategy-mix future growth. We have the best in class operating metrics combined with superlative revenue management capabilities which enables a disproportionately higher yield as ADR’s improve.”

At Keys, continued growth for partners by adopting practices that lead to greater yields, is always given emphasis. Says Sarin, “We follow a capital efficient business model to drive the development of our hotels along with seamless operational procedures which display high levels of service with optimum cost effectiveness.”

Satisfied guests continue to be the single-minded focus for Keys Hotels, as that always results in success. Sarin elaborates, “It makes me proud to be part of an engaged team who lives the brand promise of offering a happy stay to our guests. Over the recent years, the team has beautifully restructured the portfolio by creating three distinguished brand offerings — Keys Prima (Upper Midscale), Keys Select (Midscale) and Keys Lite (Economy). By adopting design thinking, augmented with the team’s inputs, we commit to a promise of offering all our guests a ‘Happy Stay’.”

Having introduced and spearheaded several best practices, Sarin avers, “We have brought diversity in our work force in terms of experience, gender and talent, coupled with equal opportunities with equal remuneration for all. Keys Hotels ensure gender parity across the board by recognising talent purely based on merit.”

Sharing future plans, she reveals, “The hospitality revenue management is still in its nascent stage. We are aiming to utilise revenue management levers like booking window, day of week, channel mix, time of booking, price elasticity, etc. along with digital trends, online reputation scores and customer centric approach to take decisions on price points for any date in the future. We are aiming to add another 1,500 rooms in the coming two to three years to our existing network of 21 hotels across 19 cities.”

Passionate about her work, Sarin does not feel the need to maintain a work-life balance. “I believe that if you love what you do and appreciate yourself then you do not need to set apart the two. Every individual has different predilections; it is all about prioritising what makes you happy.”

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