Alfaa UV introduces mobile sterilizer machine ‘STERO-360’

The STERO-360 sanitizer comes with an automated disinfection system with minimal human intervention

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As offices and commercial establishments across India are gradually returning back to business, several organizations are now stepping up their hygiene and safety protocols to assure the well being of their employees and guests.

While manual cleaning would not be enough, even if it is done industriously using powerful disinfectants and sanitizers repeatedly; one cannot ensure exhaustive and complete disinfection against all pathogens and germs, especially in high foot traffic areas such as shared workspaces and hotels.

Given that an additional safety shield would be crucial, Alfaa UV, with 22+ years of ingenious experience in UV disinfection, has introduced a new line of specialized UV mobile sterilizer machines called STERO-360. The disinfection machine uses the best of UV technologies to sterilize any given room within minutes and remove the dread of the unnoticeable scope of microorganisms.

The STERO-360 sanitizer comes with an automated disinfection system with minimal human intervention. The mobile machines are of a convenient size and easily portable from one room to another.  They are easy to install and handle, which makes it convenient for any level of staff members to operate the machine for sanitization.

The UV machine enables surface disinfection without any direct touching of objects, which ensures less chances of the machine being contaminated in any way. The Long lamp technology feature of the machine helps in better coverage of sterilization. The 360-degree coverage through UV radiation ensures least shadow areas i.e. areas where one cannot reach through any usual cleaning mechanism, inside wardrobes, corners, inside and under any equipment.

The machine is well equipped with an onboard data logger that stores the performance statistics per cycle of usage. This includes information about the number of pathogens and harmful microorganisms depleted, the types, the observations pertaining to the same, alongside other technical and biological details. This helps in monitoring the frequency at which the sterilization is required for each area.

The STERO 360 can be used to sanitize hotel kitchens, guest rooms, bathrooms, lobbies and restaurants within minutes!


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