Vishesh Vijayvergiya, perfumer and scent branding consultant at Vedic Aroma Lab talks about his offerings

Many large chains have been releasing their custom-developed, signature scents in their hotel lobbies and this trend is growing

Vishesh Vijayvergiya, Scent, Vedic Aroma Lab, Signature scents

What are Vedic Aroma Lab's key competence areas that have made it popular amongst hospitality companies?

Our customised signature-scent is a unique way to welcome guests, creating the desired first impression and works as a perfect give-away. It also helps in brand recall long after the guests have checked out. The rigor of our quality control has always been an important part of our working philosophy. Our perfumers, who have won medallion for excellence in perfumery, ensure that guests have a pleasant stay through aromas — which can shape experiences, get them dreaming, instill relaxation, evoke emotions and even awaken memories. Hotels can benefit from our experience of more than 150 years, spanning six generations, who have dedicated themselves to the research and innovation in aromas.

How do you design custom fragrances for hotel brands? What is the process involved, so that it leaves a lasting impression on guests?

Hotels are a booming sector for the aroma industry. Many large chains have been releasing their custom-developed, signature scents in their hotel lobbies and this trend is growing. The sense of smell is possibly the most underutilised. It is one of the senses that never sleeps An in-depth study is required to successfully customise a purposeful signature scent. A few generalised factors that need to be considered in this process are: the purpose of a signature scent, the hotels décor, its logo, what the brand stands for and its message, the colour theme, location, the feeling or emotion that the brand aims to invoke in the minds of guests, occasions and festivities, etc.  We have also introduced the concept of “Aroma Menu” in the Indian hospitality sector — giving an unpresented freedom to the guests to choose the aroma of their preference.

Is it true that most hotels prefer to use natural essential oils, rather than synthetic variants? Please explain how this is beneficial for guests.

Natural essential oils derived usually from botanical sources, are subject to various quality checks prior to selection and blending, to ensure optimum performance. Common botanical sources include leaves, flowers, seeds, rinds, roots, woods, exudates, lichens, etc. How the oil is subsequently blended and delivered, can determine the level of performance. It is no doubt that natural odoriferous substances are more expensive, but this initial higher cost is offset by superior performance and likeability.

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