CMC introduces its latest porcelain Slab product – Antracite

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Classic Marble Company (CMC) has introduced its latest porcelain slab product — Antracite from the Kalesinterflex range. The product is part of Kalesinterflex ‘Luxury Cement’ collection, designed and developed especially for wall cladding and façade applications. Available in standard dimensions of 3000mm x 1000mm and in thickness choices of 5mm and 3mm, the cement grey tiles lend a rich composition with subtlety to the applied surfaces. One of the distinguishing features of the product is its flexibility, which allows the porcelain slab to be installed even over curved surfaces. Kalesinterflex has a 5.5m range of flex that allows installation of the tile slab over concave and convex surfaces. The light-weight slabs, with thicknesses of either 3mm or 5mm makes handling easy and ideal for wall cladding and façade applications, especially in tall structures. The product is created using quality raw material and unique technology making it highly resistant to fire, water and dust. Kalesinterflex products are best suited for façade applications in tropical climates like India’s. Despite being thin, the tile is hard, durable and rates 7 on Mohs scale of hardness. Its smooth surface does not retain dirt and is virtually maintenance free.

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