RAK Ceramics lists top 5 tile trends that will shape 2020

Given its unique features, Ceramics, the modern marble can impart a sleek and upscale vibe to any space

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Be it a hotel or home, RAK Ceramics knows exactly what goes into the defining of each of these spaces in order to make them an extension of the occupant’s personality. Having served customers from a variety of backgrounds, the leading tile brand understands that people are deeply attached to their personal spaces.

Given its unique features, Ceramics, the modern marble can impart a sleek and upscale vibe to any space. There’s a catch though. When deciding on which ceramics to use it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the huge array of choices that the market presents.

RAK Ceramics presents you a list of top 5 trends that will make it super easy to make a choice.

  • Wood look-alike tiles

The vein patterns of a polished and varnished wood is a timeless taste; add to it the durability of ceramics and you get tiles that add a touch of vintage to any space. With selections such as oak, rosewood, wood strip, maple, art wood and many more, the wood art collection isn’t all just brown. Not to forget the nubs and twirls of classic wood patterns on the tiles that sets the products class apart from others.

  • Classic marble

Marble literally never goes out of style. A fashion turned classic, Marble-looking tiles are in vogue for homeowners and business properties. RAK Ceramics took it up a notch by creating grey hues on marble white, beige and brown. Well-fitted for your floors, walls & counter-tops, these ceramics are available in the form of Mega Slabs – a unique product by RAK that yields smooth continuous surfaces with no grout line. Cleaning too becomes a breeze with Mega Slabs.

  • Metallic effects

Coincident with the uber-urban and contemporary design trends, metal on tiles are fantastic options for 2020. The modern vibe that a metallic effects on tile is quite surprising.

  • Mega Slabs – the ultimate choice of elegance

Showcased in Nov’2019 at ACETECH exhibition, RAK Ceramics’ Maximus Mega Slabs collection is paving the way into 2020 with a lot of oomph. They feature a 9mm width, and can cover surfaces as wide as 8ft. With their expansive floor coverage, these tiles require minimal joints, thus there’s little need for grouts. Options such as forest green, fiery reds and a plethora of different graphic designs allow one to express his/her personality in every space that matters.

  • Grey tones

As someone once said, tones of grey will prevail in the generations to come. Grey is no longer the dull color it was once assumed to be. Not only do grey tiles appear chic, they also provide for a relaxing ambience, be it at home or at a workplace. A classic example can be taken of RAK Ceramics’ Irish Flakes or Maximus Basaltina Stone or Smoked tiles. Grey’s neutrality harmonizes with a plethora of other colours, and it’s almost like a clean canvas waiting to get designed.

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