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Ajay Vora, director of finance, Hilton Mumbai International Airport talks about challenges, vendor compliance systems and new processes introduced for seamless purchase deals.

Ajay Vora, Director of Finance, Hilton Mumbai International Airport, Purchase, Vendor compliance systems

What is the biggest challenge in purchasing today?

Timely purchase and good quality is always a challenge. With external factors such as – climatic or diplomatic, contributing to the availability and price of goods, effective supply of essential inventory is all too dependent on the strong supply network of our vendors.

What vendor compliance systems did you initiate for cost savings?

We follow well audited and compliance driven process of a tender request from our vendors. The tender is for a calendar year. This allows us to keep a check on quality and also to block on the pricing for the year.

What new processes did you introduce to examine high-risk vendors?

With the importance of safeguarding human life and reducing chances of property damage, we at all times follow set safety regulations. For high-risk vendors such as for Elevator Maintenance and Hotel Façade Cleaners, etc., it is must that they take Public Liability Insurance during their work in hotel premises. This is part of the policy dossier.

How do you train your team to follow procedures for smooth coordination in supply chain management?

Our team is trained regularly on the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for par stock items like beverages. Daily perishable purchase in the supply chain is highly possible in coordination between the kitchen team and purchase department. We practice low inventory policy to keep the working capital minimally blocked. Also, the suppliers are contracted for the whole year, with zero lead time policy to ensure timely deliverables.

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