Redefining bathrooms

Roca, the leading global brand in bathroom solutions, presents its star novelty, the In-Tank Meridian that is the perfect blend of aesthetics, technology and expertise. The In-Tank Meridian, is a novelty that integrates the cistern and flush within the WC, marking the beginning of a new era in bathroom spaces. The elegant rounded lines of the WC exude a contemporary sense of design, metamorphosing bathrooms into epitomes of grace and functionality.
The classic white colour of the In-Tank Meridian will complement the décor of every bathroom space, whether subtle or vibrant. Its compact contours make it perfectly suit- able for bathrooms of every size. A part of the extensive Meridian collection, The In-Tank Meridian WC reinvents the concept of bathroom interiors.
The In-Tank Meridian eliminates the need for installation of both cisterns and flush plates. Additionally, the Soft Air Technology ensures an optimal, silent flush. It consists of an Air Pump that pushes the water from the internal tank to provide the dual 4.5/3 litre flush. The internal tank fills up till it reaches its optimum water level.

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