Solutions for saving energy

In an industry where energy alone typically accounts for 30-35 % of a hotel’s operating costs, an energy management system is of paramount importance. Stepping into this space is an energy management solution from Inncom-USA: Innergy.

With clients such as Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons, Intercontinental, Starwood, The Oberoi hotels and ITC Hotels to name a few, Inncom systems have been installed in more than 800,000 rooms worldwide.

The company pioneered wireless infrared control technology for hotels, as well as the integration of multiple functions on a single, centrally monitored and controlled system. Inncom’s unique "building block" architecture allows hoteliers to select and implement features most appropriate to their needs.

System capabilities include unparalleled energy management, guestroom occupancy monitoring and reporting, central electronic lock control, doorbell/do-not-disturb/make-up-room annunciation, and patented infrared lighting control.
Some salient features of this system are energy saving to the tune of 15-20%, a return-on-investment between 20-25 months, a room management system that can be integrated with BMS and a state of art server based software, providing important alerts to housekeeping, engineering and management.

Inncom’s Integrated Room Automation System (IRAS) brings a new definition of value to the guestroom. Not only does it improve the guest’s comfort and experience but it also simultaneously cuts overhead costs and improves staff productivity. Three fundamental features of the Inncom system are energy savings, enterprise, automation software and multi-party integration.

In addition, an increasing number of guests are interested in hotels that are eco-friendly. Not only does installing an Inncom system indicate the hotel’s participation in going green, but this effort can be made highly visible to the guest with the addition of our award-winning ecoMODE™ green button, which allows the guest to actively participate in the property’s sustainability programs while further demonstrating the hotel’s commitment to the environment.

A second key advantage of the Inncom IRAS is their central network software. Inncontrol II (IC2) gathers, manages and distributes valuable information from the guestroom and graphically displays it to various departments for use by hotel staff and management. Information such as temperature, HVAC alarms, occupancy status, make up room (MUR) and other guest service requests, mini-bar monitoring are reported real-time by an icon driven intuitive system.

Hotel operations are significantly improved when up to the minute information is available to assist staff in responding more rapidly to guest requests, addressing issues before guests are inconvenienced and avoiding intrusions in occupied rooms.

A final advantage that Inncom brings to the hotel owner is their wide range of third party integration offerings. As both guests and owners expect more sophisticated technology in the guestroom it is becoming necessary for diverse systems to operate interactively, since no single system offers all the desired features and functions. Inncom has a longstanding open integration policy that has allowed them to create hardware and software partnerships with many vendors of hospitality services.

"Inncom’s primary mission is to design, manufacture and sell energy management systems (EMS) that allows our customers to reduce energy consumption and costs. Inncom’s advanced guest room digital temperature controls and EMS are installed in over 800,000 guest-rooms of many top hotels in 49 countries globally. Our currently installed base of systems are saving energy equivalent of one supertanker full of oil each year, equating to more than two million barrels or 400,000 metric tons of coal. All Inncom products are designed to ensure energy savings while increasing bottom line profits for property owners without negatively impacting guest comfort," says Sudhir Damodaran, Director, Catvision Ltd, Inncom’s partner, with over two decades of experience with hotel systems and services in India and the UAE.

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