The elixir of hotels: Swimming pools for the future

Simplicity is the key to designing a cost-effective swimming pool

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Swimming pools are important recreation spaces in hotels and are also key features that attract families to zero in on a specific hotel while on a vacation.

Design Mantra

Simplicity is the key to designing a cost-effective swimming pool. “Even though we have many beaches around, majority of the guests love to spend most of their time in and around the pool. It is their chosen place to detox. As a design element, it has to be aesthetically complimenting the look of the entire resort. We want people to be able to relax and lounge around, therefore the size and space needs to be kept in mind. It should be simple, yet elegant,” said Cajetan Araujo, General Manager, W Goa.

Nature Inspired

Designers and hoteliers are using natural influences while designing various facets of a hotel and swimming pools are not far behind. Atif Ansari, Chief Engineer, Le Meridien Mahabaleshwar Resort & Spa states, “In most of the recreational properties these days, there is a trend of incorporating rocks and cascading waterfalls that create an illusion of natural waters for continuous flow in the pool. In our property, we have built a leisure pool on the ground level, specially designed with trees around the pool in a bid to retain the natural beauty of the property.

Eco Call

Usually, water usage is monitored through the meter in the waterline that also helps ensure there is no wastage. According to Vivek Anandhan, Head of Design GCC & India, The Ascott Limited, “Water is a very critical depleting resource. Hence, it is recycled. Also, all the underwater lighting system used these days are LED types to save energy.”

Beyond its intended purpose

Pools are becoming not just a place to swim or relax, but a space where guests love to try new adventures with water. Many upcoming activities such as Zumba, acrobatic sports or even the hamster ball have become favoured swimming pool activities. The pool space in city hotels is premium which puts pressure on these spaces to contribute highly when it comes to generating revenue. This trend includes utilising the pool space as a food and beverage area as well. This not just allows multi-use of the area during the day, but the ambiance and design is crafted in such a way that it becomes a destination outlet in the evenings.

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