Talk on Food Safety Awareness held at New Delhi

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A talk on Food Safety Awareness was held on 16th June, 2017 at Oxford Bookstores in New Delhi. Hosted by Dr Saurabh Arora, head at testing laboratory and research business at Arbro and Auriga, the panellists included Dr Pawan Vats, VP at Auriga Research, Nishant Choubey, corporate chef at The Roseate, New Delhi and Amin Ali, special correspondent with The Times of India. The discussion covered various topics including medical and legal ramifications of the food industry and what position it holds in different professional domains such as relating to culinary and food journalism. The session was conceptualised to discuss the diverse aspects of food safety and intended to provide solutions to various challenges that come with the subject.

Dr Saurabh Arora spoke on emerging food trends, including food startups and online food retailing and the mechanics regarding tomorrow’s food business. He also focused on the how the kind of food that we consume influences our health majorly and affects our lifestyle in long run. “There are certain safe steps in food handling, cooking, and storage that are essential to prevent contamination and food-borne illness. Cleaning is obviously pertinent, but it is important that raw foods must be separated from the rest to avoid spreading of germs. Food refrigeration also accounts for an imperative aspect for preservation, you must store the food at right temperature”, he advised.

The talk helped attendees to get an insight into Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) operations as Dr. Pawan Vats explained how it plays a key role in formulating and controlling procedures. It implements and controls food quality processes so as to eliminate hazardous and toxic elements. On licensing and registration of food business he said, “Starting or carrying on any food business sans a license is illegal with an exception of a small scale food business operator, which also needs registration with food authority. This is important for the consumers considering their confidence in safety and quality of food and helps to promote innovation in foods products and helps get rid of multiple regulations”

Chef Nishant Choubey also shared that for the people in culinary business, there are some crucial factors to be considered for survival in the industry. Food hygiene is very important in catering establishments, it is important that head chefs/catering managers and other personnel in key positions deliver essential standards in consumer food safety. This should be supported through additional training and routine inspection to ensure that appropriate knowledge is acquired and effectively applied. “In a profession that handles cooking, culture of quality and cleanliness is very important. There are three factors to be considered: order, safety and health. Apart from appetising, food must be safe and hygienic. Also, personal hygiene forms another crucial aspect”, he informed.


Further, Times of India Correspondent Amin Ali also informed about how food journalism and food industry go hand in hand. Food industry is one of the biggest industries in India, hence food journalism is a conspicuous branch of journalism

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