10th Annual Hotelier India Awards 2018: Jury members administer their scores

The jury meet for the 10th Annual Hotelier India Awards witnessed a day-long process of intense scrutiny, debate and deliberation to rightfully identify the best in the industry.

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This year marks a historic milestone in the chronicles of the brand Hotelier India. In its 10th year, the magazine and the awards have completed a decade-long journey and have established themselves as one of the most prominent and commendable platforms in the hospitality industry. In recognition of this significance, we brought together an extraordinary panel of jury members for the 10th annual Hotelier India Awards 2018.

As rightly stated by Gurmeet Sachdev, Publication Director, ITP Media, in her opening statement: “An award is as good as its jury”—each of the members present are regarded as powerhouses in themselves. Reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of our awards program, the jury members, too, constituted the varied domains within the hospitality industry.

Gathered together at Grand Hyatt Mumbai on 28 November, the job at hand for the 16-member jury was no easy task. Having received over 1,300 entries, 853 entries were shortlisted for the jury process. After receiving the instructions on the evaluation procedures, the judges were divided into three groups on the following parameters—luxury to upper upscale, upscale to mid-market, and economy to budget. They were to evaluate each of the entries on the scale of one to 10 on their individual scoresheets. The winners would then be determined by sum total of the points given by all jury members for a stated category. The broad criterion based on which the entries would to be judged were determined on the following objectives:

• Impact of key decisions implemented.

• Scope of implementation of new ideas.

• Novelty value of measures implemented.

Once the teams retired to their respective board rooms, the nominations were rigorously deliberated, debated and discussed for finalising the top contenders of 2018. One of the teams proceeded with an elimination round that pruned the list down to only the best entries. Many of the shortlisted entries were further subjected to intense scrutiny and debate. The passion and diligence with which the jury selected the right candidates is what makes the awards credible. After a day-long process, the jury members submitted each of their individual score sheets.

With palpable excitement in the air, and the successful closure of the second step towards the Awards Night, the Hotelier India team began preparing for the grand finale on December 18, 2019!

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