Food and Beverage design mistakes that you must know

For a restaurant, design plays a huge role in staying one step ahead of your competition. However, while attempting to create that perfect look, some restaurants tend to go a tad bit overboard or sometimes not do enough at all.

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Three of the top design mughals in the industry–Bobby Mukherji of Bobby Mukherji & Associates, Sumessh Menon of Sumessh Menon Associates and Esha Chaudhry of Studio HBA give you the low-down on decorating mistakes to avoid.

For stand-alone restaurants:

  1. A common mistake while designing a restaurant is getting lured by the appeal of individual elements. While the artefacts look good, multiple products clubbed together tend to get distracting and affects the identity of the restaurant.
  2. Having the bathroom doors exposed to customers in the dining area is surely one to avoid. This generally occurs due to lack of space or limitations with regards to plumbing facilities. However, it leads to a compromised guest experience. Carefully addressing this at a planning stage can be an easy fix.
  3. The lack of an intriguing or an uninviting façade/entrance/frontage design does have a negative impact. A restaurant need to invite customers in before they can serve them. Getting the right look from the outside goes a long way in making a good first impression.
  4. Lack of sufficient storage spaces for restaurant equipment and scope for thorough maintenance are tricky aspects where a design fails.

For restaurants in hotels:

  1. Displaying the wrong restaurant layout as well as not taking into consideration the number of rooms: This results in difficulties while rendering efficient services with long queues for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  2. Bad buffet designs can affect the flow of customer, cause confusion especially when it comes to searching for different types of food/ cuisines. If the different types of cuisine are not placed correctly, it could lead to a dreadful experience.
  3. Accessibility and approachability to locals in the area is very important as locals act as repeat guests and can contribute huge revenues to a restaurant.
  4. A mismatch between the F&B concept and design could lead to confusion. For a hotel restaurant to be successful, F&B concepts need to be attractive and unique and the design elements must represent this and stay consistent.

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