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Boon Edam India is the youngest subsidiary that offers custom solutions by adding enormous value of their experience in terms of efficient flow, safety, user comfort and energy preservation.

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One of the challenges faced by hoteliers is effective security arrangements, given the constant flow and ebb of guests. The idea is to ensure that the freedom of movement is not compromised by enforcing heavy security measures. This is where Boon Edam comes in. It has been in the business of manufacturing premium aesthetic and security entrance solutions for over the last 140 years. Boon Edam India ensures that they work with the design of the entrance: a vintage door for a historic hotel, a modern and trendy look for a design hotel, and a comfortable and peaceful feel for a boutique hotel. Their large network of engineers for installation and after-sales service cover all phases of the project—from design and engineering, to assembly, installation and maintenance. The company constantly experiments with the safety features of the products.

Product Highlight
Their products including revolving doors—Crystal Tourniket, Tourniket and Tournex, have been used by hotels such as The Taj Hotels, The Oberoi Group, Trident Hotel, Marriott, Raddison Hotel, Sheraton Hotel and Shangri la Hotel.

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