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Electrolux has been designing for the world’s best chefs for over 90 years, and over half of Michelin starred kitchens in Europe employs its technology.

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Electrolux is a recognised leader in modular cooking equipment, hobs, ovens and combi ovens, and has developed numerous new functions that simplify cooking equipment for professionals. It provides hotel restaurants and industrial kitchens with complete cooking equipment solutions for cookers, ovens, combi-ovens, commercial refrigerators, commercial freezers, blast chillers, blast freezers and warewashing, with hood-type dishwashers, rack dishwashers and conveyor dishwashers.

Electrolux Professional supplies more than one-third of the star-winning restaurants of the continent and remains a strong market leader in the professional laundry business. Electrolux Professional customers are supported in their daily business by a global network of specialists in each segment. The Service Excellence ranges from selecting the correct machine set-up and layouts for the location, installation and education, to the comprehensive after-sales process with maintenance and care. They are constantly working on reducing the environmental impact of their products and factories that abide to strictest standards.

Product Highlight
SpeeDelight offers high-speed cooking solution that combines speed, quality and creativity. It includes three cooking technologies: contact plates, infrared radiation and microwaves into one sophisticated machine. Its mono-phase plug-in allows kitchens to start producing high-quality food without any limitations due to its electric system.

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