Top Suppliers – Greenlam Laminate

Greenlam Laminates’ legacy of exceptional artistry and impeccable quality has ensured that it is a large provider of laminates, besides some niche products such as digital veneers, engineered wooden flooring, and even doors for hotels across the country.

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Greenlam's vast repertoire of laminate sheets in myriad colours, textures and designs offers the industry excellent choices when they are constructing or refurbishing hotels. Greelam has a production capacity of 14.2 million sheets every year and employs innovative technology and solutions, as well as the economy of scale to create world-class products.

The brand is driving green practices in the category and was the first to receive the prestigious ‘Green Guard’ in India. Greenlam is expanding its retail footprint in India.

Phone: +91 11-4279-1399

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