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GROHE India Pvt. Ltd. (GIPL) is the wholly owned subsidiary of the leading global sanitaryware brand, GROHE AG., with over a decade-long experience of the market.

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GROHE's in-house team specialises in creating a perfect synthesis of form and function across all product categories. The GROHE Live experience centre in cities such as Bengaluru and Mumbai follow the global format to provide complete support to the brand’s partners, including hospitality partners. Bathroom vignettes and demonstration areas for showers and basin mixers offers buyers an opportunity to view and interact with their full spectrum of products. GROHE India also runs GROHE Dual Tech, where they train young people from economically challenged backgrounds in certified plumbing.

Product Highlight:
AquaSymphony by GROHE is their spa-like bathroom solution with interplay of bath faucets, softly coloured light and soothing music. GROHE calls it their wellness zone, with special shower settings for drizzle sprays, rain sprays, AquaCurtain, pure spray, light curtain, Bokoma sprays and waterfall sprays. The F-digital Deluxe base unit box and an Apple or Android mobile device installed with the GROHE SPA App, allows for perfect control of light, sound and steam—as well as individual modules.

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