Tvara launches interactive mobile solution

Bengaluru-based Tvara Tech Solutions today announced the launch of an interactive mobile solution for the hospitality sector. It can be deployed at restaurant tabletops, hotel rooms and fleet vehicles to allow consumers to directly access information through an intuitive touch screen interface. The solution and content customised to the needs of the particular business will enable users gain access to various communities, services and information.

“This solution will not only enhance customer experience, but also help increase revenue and simplify operations. We position it as an investment that can enable significant return on investment, and not as a discretionary expense," said Shyam Shetty, CEO, Tvara Tech Solutions.

In addition to the interactive device, the solution will have hosted and managed services that channel content (interactive, location and demographics based advertisements, cross-selling communication and third party content), dynamically into each of the devices. The content framework accommodates integration of third party services accessible by the customer, enabling booking of movie and airline tickets, shopping and more. These devices from Tvara also support an integrated payment gateway for credit / debit card payments.

Device Overview

  • Proprietary touch screen mobile device
  • Built-in payment gateway enabling mobile credit and debit card transactions
  • Location aware applications (GPS-based)
  • Mobile communication and data access (GSM/GPRS)
  • Content deployment framework for interactive and location based advertising
  • Channeling of third party services
  • Industry specific bundled software applications
  • Hosted, multi-tenant, web-based applications

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