Puneet Chhatwal talks about their pivotal programme Aspiration 2022

The strong brand legacy of Taj and IHCL’s portfolio of 178 hotels with a total of 21,600 keys, across 12 countries, ensures that the group enjoys a competitive advantage.

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Puneet Chhatwal talks about how IHCL is en route to being the most profitable company in the whole of Southeast Asia. “Restructure, re-engineer and reimagine are the pillars of Aspiration 2022, which is a part of IHCL’s visionary path to the future,” says Chhatwal.

Chhatwal explains that IHCL’s innovative F&B offerings is one of the major contributors to their revenue. The earnings in India from F&B amounts to INR 4,500 crores. IHCL has stayed ahead in the game by launching new initiatives such as an online booking system, which has made access to their F&B services even more accessible.

IHCL also leverages its wide network of hotels that range from palaces and safaris, and its mammoth web of 66 spas, the largest in the country, to stay ahead of its closest competitors. In a bid to expand its footprint without lending the Taj brand name to hotels, IHCL launched SeleQtions, which will take over the management of the 207-key Cidade de Goa. “SeleQtions is the collection of certain names that are brands in themselves. The idea is to give back to these brands and also benefit as much as we can without trying to confuse the customer and ourselves,” says Chhatwal.

India is a big market for homestays. This is another segment that IHCL hopes to capitalise on, with Ama Trails & Stays. It allows the group to expand its footprint and profits without making any major investments. IHCL will debut this business with nine of Tata Coffee’s heritage bungalows in Coorg and Chikmagalur.

Initiatives such as Ama and SeleQtions along with the repositioning and expansion of the 115-year-old IHCL, will help the group become the most iconic and profitable hospitality company that South Asia has produced.

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