Niraamaya Retreats' properties are an inspiring blend of luxury and wellness

The retreat offers experiences that help guests slow down, reflect and relax and are encouraged to share their experiences, good, bad or ugly, with the Mindfulness Coach.

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Niraamaya Retreats Backwaters & Beyond has the longest waterfront amongst all properties in Kumarakom.

Winner of several awards, including India’s Best Wellness Retreat 2018 award at the World Spa Awards 2018, Niraamaya Retreats has a bouquet of boutique properties that are an inspiring blend of luxury hospitality and bespoke wellness. We talk to Manu Rishi Guptha, CEO of Niraamaya, about creating significant hospitality milestones and putting wellness at the core of the Niraamaya philosophy.

At the core of Niraamaya Retreats is wellness, based on the timeless principles of Ayurveda and Yoga.

Talking about the features offered at the wellness programmes at the Niraamaya Retreats, Guptha explained, “We have some very well-thought out multi-destination programmes that combine several wellness concepts. Guests can check in with us for a 14 day or 21 day wellness programme. We have the ability to keep the sessions consistent across all the retreats; they can move from one retreat to another, without much trouble. For guests who cannot spare so many days, we have curated short interventional programmes of four to five nights, where they are introduced to multi-level concepts that they can practice once they go back home.” “Self-realisation is part of our wellness experiences,” Gupta says.

A unique introduction to the programme is the AyuRhythm app that garners biomarkers of guests using sensors in their phones. “I would call it the world’s first Ayurvedic diagnostic tool on a mobile phone,” says Gupta. Ayurveda revolves around three doshas. A person is born with certain doshas and begins experiencing health issues if they are not in balance. The trick lies in getting them back in balance. Describing how this process works, Gupta explains, “Using a unique algorithm system, an individual’s biovitals can be remotely measured to the accuracy of 99%. We will receive the data a couple of weeks or even months before a guest checks in and share with them tips that will put them on the path of wellness. By the time they check in, their body will be prepared to absorb the best of our wellness programmes.”

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