Kalaburagi Airport to foster India’s tourism institution

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Giving a major boost to tourism and air connectivity for the same, the first flight from Kalaburagi Airport to Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru took off on 22nd November 2019 after the its inauguration by the Chief Minister of Karnataka. The airport, built under the UDAN-RCS Scheme of Government of India, will be majorly boosting the tourism and economic development of North Karnataka.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation undertook the task to develop the Kalaburagi Airport as it will pave way for direct connectivity to North Karnataka and and will act as a gateway for tourist destinations including Buddha Vihar, SharanaBasaveshwara Temple, Khwaja Banda Nawaz Dargah and, Gulbarga Fort. With this airport, as a part of North Karnataka’s tourism and connectivity promotion, attracting huge investments are expected in the Karnataka districts.

It is an undeniable fact that Bengaluru, Mysuru, Mangaluru, Belagavi and Hubbli’s investment and tourism rate shot sky high when air connectivity became possible. So, opening up an airport in Kalaburangi, just like the ones in this these areas, with all the vital and advanced amenities necessary to provide a world-class travel experience, will give Kalaburangi the much needed upliftment.

Though Kalaburagi is known to be the hub for food processing industries like turdal, chillies and millets, and for the famous Jewargi Agro Food Park, majority of the state’s potential has got lost amidst the lack of frequent connectivity. The Kalaburangi Airport will be majorly lending a hand to the Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industries and businessmen in and around Karnataka. This game changer initiative has now added another feather to India’ tourism cap!

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